Lucca, place of all emotions

Discovering Lucca and its secrets in an exciting and fun guided tour live for the whole community.


How to participate


To participate in an event click on the tour you have chosen. You will be redirected to where you can view the experience for free.


If you want to be drawn to interact with the experience you will need to complete a very quick registration. Simply viewing events does not require registration.


During the event, a traveler will be drawn every minute to rotate the guide’s camera or take photos. If you are one of the lucky ones you can use the controls to explore the travel area.

The Events

26th September 2021

City Walls

Click to join the free Tour of the Urban Walls in French

2nd October 2021

Coming Soon

9th October 2021

Coming Soon

16th October 2021

Coming Soon

Icarus, your window to the world

Through an innovative interface Icarus will allow you to fly a drone remotely and in real time. Forget 3D tours or recorded experiences, fly over the most suggestive Italian locations using the revolutionary remote tourism platform as a world premiere.